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YoshdaLab. labtalk-article

2nd (後期)




Jan 16

平島 瑛織
A. Hirajima

Structure and Magnetism of self-organized Ge1-xMnx nanocolumns on Ge(001)

Dec 19

西田 大介
D. Nishida


Dec 19

中瀬 達哉
T. Nakase

The Defect Pair [Vc_Sn+Sn_Cs] in CsSnI_3 and The Band Alignment between CsSnI_3 and SnI_2

Dec 5

川原 京子
K. Kawahara

Formation energy and mixing energy in Co doped TiO2

Nov 14

下司 雅章
M. Geshi

Theoretical study of superconductivity and the synthesis process of metallic hydrides

Nov 7

高 成柱
Sonju Ko

Calculation of Temperature Dependent Electrical Resistivity

Nov 7

真砂 啓
A. Masago

Magnetism of Eu-doped GaN

Oct 31

新屋 ひかり
H. Shinya

First principles investigation for ferromagnetic mechanism of TM-doped Ge

Oct 17

吉田 博
H. Katayama-Yoshida

Computational Nano-Materials Design and Realization: Defect and Impurity Control


1st (前期)